Ever since I can remember I have always believed in Faeries. The ancients wisely knew that there is a magical realm just beyond our everyday world. If you open your heart, mind and eyes to the wonders around you, you might just be able to see them.

Faeries are very shy, secretive, and skilled at hiding from humans, but their playful and fun nature makes it possible to catch glimpses of them. Formally thought to reside only in rural areas, evidence of Faeries have been sighted in cities.



Want to invite a Faery into your home or garden? Make them a house or door to welcome them in. Faeries are known to protect our homes and gardens. You can use items found in nature such as branches, moss, rocks, and flowers. Remember never to break anything in nature for their houses but only things that have fallen already. Faeries protect nature and wouldnt appreciate us humans destroying it making them a home.

faery house

If you don’t have the time or creativity to make a Faery door or house of your own, don’t fret, Simply Creative Boutique has them made with help from our Boutique Faeries. Each one is unique and one of a kind just like the Faeries that commision them.

Do you believe in Faeries?


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