Thank You

It has taken awhile to actually write this post because it is bitter sweet. The brick and mortar part of Simply Creative Boutique will be coming to end for now. I have decided to close my doors after a lot of thought and consideration. Simply Creative Boutique is not going away just the brick and mortar part of the business. I am hoping that this will give me more time with my family as well as being able to work on my projects, blog, online presence and shows and events more.
I always give advice to people saying to just go out and try your dreams who cares if it doesn’t work out. You will at least learn something meet new people and hopefully learn from your first go around. NEVER EVER give up on your dreams and passions, you may just have to fulfill them in other or new ways.
So I am taking my own advice and I refuse to think I failed at this business venture but rather gained knowledge of owning a business and what I like and do not like and what my weaknesses are. I met so many amazing people that will be life long friends and allies in future endeavors. Honestly i am proud that I had the (balls) to go out and give my dream a try. I have not failed but gained valuable insight and knowledge. I’m not done with my dream but rather going to pursue it other ways. I want to be able to touch more women and being stuck in retail hours did not allow to get out and do this.
So my hope to you is that you just get out and try your dreams, give them a chance and don’t think you have to have it all figured out right away. It may not always be the way you thought but you WILL make it happen. So please continue to follow me Jennifer at Simply Creative Boutique to see what my next adventures will be. I promise that I will be more engaged with my readers and post lots of cool projects, advice, and my real life adventures of what will happen next. My posts will be very honest, sometimes funny and sometimes very opinionated because that is how I am in real life.
I hope that each of you will share your creativeness with me and opinions on various topics. I will follow you in return and try my best to be engaged if you have a blog. I have sooooo many talented folks online and love to support them.

Thank you all for sticking with me the last two years of my craziness in life and business.

Love and creativeness always,

Jennifer Kaczmarek



4 thoughts on “Thank You

  1. You were brave to try – and you are even braver to let the dream transform into it’s next incarnation! You are beautiful – smart – creative – talented – charming – so many great qualities! It will be fun to see where the “fairy trail” leads!! Wishing you so much good luck in whatever new ventures come your way!!

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