ReInventing Yourself and Business

There are times in life when you not only need to reinvent yourself but your business. This occurred to me one day after about two years of feeling that I wasn’t in control of me, my business or my life. I felt as though I was just grasping at any and everything to keep everything moving forward.

Last January I lost my father after battling with his heart for years. It was devistating to say the least as this is the first time I lost someone that close to me. I’m still not over losing him and don’t think I ever will be but at some point you have to live life.

One day I was sitting at my Boutique thinking and looking around my store and realized how much I had allowed my store (my dream) to be taken over by others because I was grasping at anything to keep my doors open. At the same time realizing it was my fault because I had checked out of my life for two years. Reality set in and at that moment I decided to check back intoMY life, put my big girl panties on and take control back.

Starting with reinventing my Boutique (my dream) my passion that I started almost two years ago. I changed what the concept had become which was a “thrift store”. This was SO far from what my Boutique was intended to be. It was intended to be a creative retail space that supported those in the handmade industry, as well as those looking for a creative outlet with creative classes and groups. Taking a hard look at myself, my business and those that had come into my business with me I sat down and asked myself (my husbands idea) “What type of business do you want? Not what others want it to be.”

My answer was… “I want to create things and sell them. I want to bring others together to create and inspire each other and share our passions. I want to inspire others to think outside the box and get creative. I want to inspire any and everyone to just give their dreams a try and help empower them to do so.

Now I have to say that along with realizing what I wanted I also realized what I didn’t want and didn’t need. First thing being that I didn’t need a partner. I learned from them and appreciated them but I didn’t need others to tell me what my business should be or how it should be run or try and take over.

I also realized that I didn’t like teaching classes. People ask me to set classes up all the time at the Boutique but when I did only 1 or 2 would show up (this gets costly when people are supposed to be there and your purchasing supplies for them and they don’t show up) and the bottom line being it just wasn’t fulfilling. Don’t get me wrong I love showing people new things just not in a class type setting.

The third thing I realized was there are not enough hours in the day to create enough things myself to fill an entire Boutique up with items to sell. I mean I don’t know what I was thinking with having four kids to raise and all the “business” stuff that needs to be done creating isn’t always possible. (p.s. I hate the “business” stuff and am no good at it haha)

So with all these realizations I reinvented Simply Creative Boutique and myself along the way! I closed my doors for three weeks and totally remodeled the entire store. So what has Simply Creative Boutique become and how has it changed you ask?

Simply Creative Boutique is now a local small business that carries creative gifts, some craft supplies and home decor whether retail or handmade. (I decided that I needed to order some retail products because this then gives me time to create while my shelfs are still stocked)

I now offer creative groups and ladies nights every month. (did I mention wine is ALWAYS welcome? tee hee). This still allows me to support the creative community and bring these inspiring people together without having to “teach” but rather inspire each other.
As time goes on more and more craft supplies, and retail gifts will be added as well as creative groups for the community to join.

What I reinvented at the Boutique has surpassed even my original vision and I am proud of myself for giving my dreams another go around and checking back into my life. I’m not ashamed to say that I was failing as a business owner and needed to make changes. I’m proud that I did realize this and made the changes that needed to be made.  It’s not easy looking in the mirror at yourself  and admitting your faults and failures, but so worth it!

ReInvented Boutique

ReInvented Boutique


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