Polymer Clay



Want to learn how to bake your polymer clay projects properly? Check out Kate’s Acres for tips on baking your projects properly. While there check out some of her great tutorials.


Time Flies when your Crafting

It’s busy season for sure around here and I for one do not have enough of me to go around! How about you? Well I thought I would share a little bit of what I have been up to and a few things I will be up to 🙂

My oldest son had homecoming, and I volunteered my hairstylist services to do his girlfriends hair for this special occasion. They are such an adorable couple if I do say so myself!

This was a great photo…. Lol oooppps…

They had a great time.

In other craziness I’m planning my daughters 10th birthday party and she wants another Halloween theme this year… We have been doing this theme for a few years now lol. Everyone has to dress up including adults, which makes this sooo fun. I usually end up with some scary accent and playing a character of some sort. It’s fun! Be on the look out for my D.I.Y. decorations for this event.

I have been crocheting like a mad women lately and finely learned to read a pattern! woohoo for me. : ) I actually took the time to learn each stitch and the abbreviation. I usually just make up my own and of course can’t remember it when i want to repeat it. Well I thought I would share a few links to some of the inspiration and tutorials I used on my  adventure.

This is video tutorial from Donna Wolfe owner of Naztazia. She has many video how to’s on her site that you should def. check out.

I liked this “how to” crochet leg warmers by Ruth Ashton an eHow contributor. Although its not a video it was good. As opposed to decreasing you can switch needle sizes.

Crochet Cable Knit Stitch video This is one I am going to be trying as soon as I finish with my current crochet project.

Here are a few of my inspirations I have pinned on my boards. They are just the pictures no “how to” or patterns.








Who wouldn’t love to cozy up in that blanket? Or how about those leg warmers? Not to mention those warm fingerless gloves! That sweater is gorgeous and looks warm and cozy!

There will be more posts for knitting and crocheting coming since right now I am obsessed. ; ) It’s getting cold here in Michigan and I need cozy warm!


Enchanted Makeovers/ Pinterest Project 4

When I read about Enchanted Makeovers via Sarah Macklem from The Yellow Cape Cod I contacted her immediately thru email wanting to know how I could be a part of this mission. She put me in touch with Terry Grahl the founder and CEO of Enchanted Makeovers. Heres a little about Terry and her vision via her website…

Enchanted Makeovers, is embodied by the work and spirit of Terry Grahl, Chief Executive Officer and Visionary.  Terry aspires not so much todo something as to be something. It’s not a series of “decorating” projects; it is a movement to transform not only the lives of women, mother’s, teens and children who are rebuilding their lives in shelters but also to transform those who participate in the giving. This represents a profound shift in the traditional view of philanthropy and the communication of it is the essence of the Enchanted Makeovers brand.

  So after talking with Terry today for almost 2 hours I am very excited to be jumping on board with her mission.

What made me want to be a part of this? As a teenager I spent of lot of time in group homes. They are not welcoming, encouraging, nice, or friendly feeling in any way. As a young girl being unsure, scared, confused and discouraged by life to begin with, going into a group home that is stark, cold, uninviting, and definitely not encouraging didn’t help with my confidence and courage. It was down right depressing and didn’t make for a great start to my journey in these places.

  BUT….yes there’s a but to think about : )

What if you could a take that same unsure, scared, confused and discouraged girl and brought her into an environment of warmth, and comfortable surroundings that felt inviting and safe? I’ll give you a hint… confidence and reassurance… to feel safe to open up, to feel welcomed and cared for. If you go into a place that is old, broken, and falling apart then could you feel new, confident and fixed? Nope… You yourself would feel old, broken, and like your falling apart. Take this and apply it to battered women shelters. Strong couragous women, & mothers, who are already feeling broken, abandoned, and hopeless. What if they could come into a place that feels safe, secure, warm, inviting, inspiring, and hopeful? I’ll give you another hint : ) They would be one step closer to finding their strength, courage, voice, and confidence that had really already been there all along, but just just got a little lost. Helping to provide an environment like this is a part of what Enchanted Makeovers is all about and I am proud to be a part of this.

  Please take a few moments and check out the Enchanted Makeovers site. Go ahead click over then hurry back for the next part! : )

What did you think? I know it made me want to do something to! So as you seen they are always in need of donations. Please if you consider donating something for the makeovers make sure it is new. Just because the women and girls are in these places doesn’t mean they deserve less or ruined items. If you are willing to donate some of your handmade items, such as blankets, rugs, headbands, stuffed animals and such it would be an honor to accept them and very appreciated by those who will receive them.

Now : ) teehee Simply Creative Boutique is looking for ideas on makeover projects such as frames, mirrors, paintings, or any decor projects that you can think of for ideas to use in these Shelters. The theme for the current project going on at the Detroit Mission House is a shabby chic, cottage, vintage treasure kind of feel with some whimsy thrown in. What decorating ideas do you have? What sort of projects can be done for decor in this makeover? There are 21 rooms to be completed, and a sewing room. They will not all match but have the same feel. Do you have some handmade items you can donate?

Simply Creative Boutique will be hosting an Enchanted Makeover event in October (date soon to follow) We will be making decor items for use at the Detroit Mission House makeover. We are in need of volunteers to come help assemble chosen projects. Please contact Jennifer at http://www.simplycreativeboutique@gmail.com or 586-307-4816 with any questions or to find out how you can help transform lives.


P.S. I am also making this Pinterest project 4 from my Pay It Forward Pin : ) I know it’s a bit of cheating

Surprise Pay It Forward!

Surprise Pay It Forward!.

I just received this from theunderestimatedmom.com  which is a blog I follow. I thought this sounded fun and intriguing  and decided to participate in the pay it forward game.

Want to receive free gifts in the mail?

This is how it works:

I will send a surprise gift to the first 3 people to comment on this post.  This gift will be made by me and I will send it sometime within the next year.  Exactly when you will receive it will be a surprise.

And here are the rules:

1.  You must have a blog.

2. To sign up to receive a gift from me you must play along too.  Share the giving love on your blog by promising to send a handmade goody to the first three people who comment on your blog post.

3.  After commenting on my post, you have to post this (or similar) on your blog to spread the love.  If you haven’t posted in 48 hours then the next commenter will be chosen.

If you want to join in just comment below leaving your email address and if you’re one of the first three I will be contacting you for your info and I’ll be sending you something before the end of August next year!

Have fun and pay it forward!

DIY Portable Homework Station – Todays Creative Blog

DIY Portable Homework Station – Todays Creative Blog.

Check out this awesome idea from Todays Creative Blog. I know I will be making these for my kids this year. I am always looking for ways to stay organized and cut down on the excuses of ” I don’t have this or that” or “I can’t find this or that ”

Very creative idea, I’m going to cross my fingers it works for my kids!

Craft Project Roundup

I know it’s still summer but I’m already in the fall and winter mode.
Head over <a href="http://<a href="http://here to get the pattern for this beautiful scarf.


How cute are these crocheted rings? Check out the pattern here.


This pillow just looks fun! Check it out here.


If you don’t mind getting messy check out this pillow project here.


I had to share this after I was looking thru the directions for this project. Check it out here.


Super cute idea. Check it out here.


D.I.Y. Vintage Candles

Need some easy homemade gift ideas? Give these DIY Vintage Candles a try. Working with burlap is a breeze, and it can really match any decor style. Make these candles for a friend, a wedding, or just for yourself!

Project from FavCrafts

Online stamp (these were from The Graphics Fairy)
Printable linen fabric
Burlap fabric
Hot glue gun
Pillar candles

Paste your stamps of choice into a Word document and print them out on the printable fabric.

Measure around the candle to see how long your fabric strips need to be, then cut out the linen strip. Cut the burlap strip a little bigger than the linen strip.

Hot glue the strips to the candles. Add ribbons if you’d like!

I am Featured!


 Whimsical Chair.

So as I just got back from up north (yes a little early lol I couldn’t take the heat and bugs i am a big chicken) I discovered a wonderful email in my inbox!! My funky whimsical chair is featured on the front webpage on Where Women Create ! I am so excited as I absolutely love everything about their website and faithfully look for each issue of their magazine and snatch it up as fast as I can. It is so Inspiring and in MY creative world it’s the “Bible”.  I love looking at all of the creative spaces and find inspiration in each story I read.

Yeah I am so excited! (I know can you tell I am excited lol) Go check it out!

Special Free Report: How to Convert Item Views into Items Sold! – Marketing Creativity

I have to share this information from Marketing Creativity. I found Lisa’s site a few weeks ago and it has been a huge help in my business. I have been reading her posts and trying to implement her ideas into my everyday business strategy. Sometimes I feel like my creativity gets burned out between creating my designs, and marketing my business. I can use all the help and ideas I can get to keep that creative spark lit.

  So if your looking for some creative marketing ideas be sure and check out Lisa’s blog. You won’t be disappointed.

Special Free Report: How to Convert Item Views into Items Sold! – Marketing Creativity.

A giveaway link!

I totally just entered this and can I say I have alot of crap in my purse!
R.pellicer is giving away one Suede Clutch (final color combo may vary) to one lucky winner! To enter to win, please answer the following question by Tuesday, June 26th.
What is in your purse right this very minute?
Start checking the winner’s box on Monday, July 2nd, to see if you’ve won!

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Free Graphics

   I have to share this awesome site that I found a few months ago.

I am always on the look out for great images to use in projects and me being  not so computer savvy, can never seem to find an actual FREE site with images I like. Then I came across “The Graphics Fairy” site by means of another site. Long story short : ) on top of great images I have found some great projects that others have done with these graphics.

Here is a project I did using an image from the Graphics Fairy, wax paper and my printer.

It was much easier than I thought doing this. I ran a sheet of wax paper thru the printer printing my design directly onto the wax paper. ( I recommend running a regular piece of paper with it for support)  With the ink still wet I placed it ink side down and ran a credit card over it to transfer the image. Voila!

I used the same transfer method on this dresser that I made over. (and is now for sale in my store ) : )  The drawers I painted  with chalkboard paint, and then used corks for the handles.

Head over and check out The Graphics Fairy for some awesome free printable to use on any of your DIY projects.