Play all Day!

What do we do all day? My kids ask me that all the time, they think since I own a craft boutique that I just play all day and it’s not work. Well honestly alot of it is play and alot of it is work. I think of most of it as play because I thoroughly enjoy what I do. I love coming up with new ways to repurpose things and try stuff I have seen. What I DON”T like is the paper work and marketing that goes into a business. But that’s my creative brain talking. So for this post I thought I would share a little of our “Play” day today.


First we talk with Patches our Boutique Manager and find out our duties for the day…..Today we were to finish up a few things we have been leaving undone.


Like the sign for the road…


So I did finish it but I’m not sure how happy I am with it yet. I hand did it all and it took forever but at least I finished it! Then I had to work on this cabinet thing that has just been hanging around the back room forever…


I painted a few times not happy with the outcomes but I think I have finally got it right. The hardware is sitting in a tub of vinegar to get the poly off and antique them and that will take at least a day. I managed to finish the paint and fabric part of this redo.


This one is without the doors


This one is with the doors but not the hinges yet…they are soaking still.


Pam managed to tear our bathroom/kitchen apart re-imagining our tiny little space which I am going to save for tomorrows post!

After all that work Patches said we deserved a glass of wine : ) So while writing this post I did just that!!


Pam’s Design Tip of the day…

Hang your chandeliers at 30″ above your table.




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