I’m Back!

I have been scarcely around the blog lately as the demands of family and my changing business keep me VERY busy. I miss writing and talking with everyone and sharing great craft and design ideas. So I am back with a renewed and refreshed perspective ready to dig in and share some great ideas on crafting, repurposing, antiquing, and redesigning. So let’s get to it….

At Simply Creative Boutique we have been going thru some growing pains with losing and adding new members to the team. Recently talented re-designer Pam Crowe joined our creative team and brought with her an abundance of Antiques for our store front as well as redesign ideas for your home,business and events. She specializes in redesigning spaces with items you already have. I can’t wait to show all of you before and after photos of her work as well as her tips for recreating and re-imagining your spaces. These posts will be a regular and must read for those who are looking for ideas to change up there spaces reusing items you already own!



For me Faery door and FAery house making have been where my creative juices are flowing. Our first ever Faery Scavenger hunt was a great success with fun had by our Faery Keepers (the businesses) and our Faery seekers.  There is a little story i must tell that was one of the highlights of the event for me.

After sending off our Faery Seeker teams, myself and a few of the amazing people helping me out  for this event sat outside the front of the Boutique relaxing a bit and wondering how long it would take everyone to figure out the clues and find each Faery door. Three of businesses were located within seeing distance from our location. It was not long until we caught a glimpse of one of  our teams running into a businesses as fast as they could. We all laughed and waited to see when the other teams would arrive in a hurry to find the doors and move onto the next location in a frenzy to be the first team back. After seeing the next two teams run into the businesses within our sight we retreated inside for a refreshment. As I was walking back out to the front of the store I seen three girls running as fast as they could across the lawn of a non participating business that connected two of the participating ones. They had figured it was more productive to run than drive to these locations in hopes of saving time. It was a sight to see and I later found out caused quit the conversations among the other businesses and their patrons. We ran outside and cheered them on yelling and clapping which seemed to motivate them all the more. It was exciting to see how excited and motivated all our Faery Seekers were. Not long after the other teams were doing the same and running to the businesses that were close together and of course we cheered them on as well!

In a nut shell we had alot of fun and raised $350 for Child Help! The businesses all said they had fun and it caused curiosity from their patrons which is what I was hoping for. The businesses and participants have all requested another Faery Door scavenger hunt which we have planned for October of 2013! We are so excited that everyone had a great time and wants to do it again. I can’t wait.


These were the doors handmade by me (Jennifer) for our Faery Door Scavenger Hunt.














How about a crafty project? These Antique doors at the Boutique got a a great new use. We have been working on an outdoor patio for crafting nights and relaxing but we had an eyesore out back that we could not get rid of, so we decided to block the view with amazing amazing doors.


Only we redesigned them a bit….


And now have this to look at while sipping wine and crafting with the ladies!


What do you think of our repurposed doors? Have you ever done something similar to block an unwanted view? Please share with us your re-Imagined ideas….


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