Rainbow Loom Projects

Rainbow looms being all the rage these days with kids I had to post some creative projects ideas that I thought looked pretty cool.

First I want to show you that even rubber band Jewelry can be fashionable even for adults. This one is actually made without the loom. You can find the information at Bead Buzz

Fashionable Rubber Band Jewelry

Fashionable Rubber Band Jewelry


Here is a photo tutorial by Halcraft that turns your ordinary rubber band loom bracelet into not so ordinary.

Beaded Rubber Band Bracelet

Beaded Rubber Band Bracelet


This next one is not for a beginner. It’s a little more challenging but there is a video to go along with it so it shouldn’t be to hard. (I’m thinking). It comes from Loom Love

Arrow Bracelet

Arrow Bracelet

Here is a link to So Crafty they have tons of video tutorials on using the loom and tons of patterns!

Loom Videos

Loom Videos


So if your just learning or are skilled with making rubber band Jewelry I’m sure there is something you can find to try or at least inspire you. I know I want to try a few things now!

Also if your in search of a loom kit, refill bands, c-clips, hooks or any replacement part ( I carry them in the Boutique) you can contact me either by phone 586-307-4816 or email simplycreativeboutique@gmail.com and I would be happy to help. Or you can purchase the kits at my online store

(right now I am offering $5.00 off each Loom Kit which equals FREE shipping on these and for every loom kit  purchased I am going to donate one to a local charity for Christmas)

If you live near Shelby Twp. and are looking for a place to get your daughters together and Rainbow Loom while meeting new friends and sharing loom ideas and techniques then check out our Calendar for our Rainbow Loom Parties!! 

Starts in January and is FREE. Just call 586-307-4816 to reserve a spot







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