Thank You

It has taken awhile to actually write this post because it is bitter sweet. The brick and mortar part of Simply Creative Boutique will be coming to end for now. I have decided to close my doors after a lot of thought and consideration. Simply Creative Boutique is not going away just the brick and mortar part of the business. I am hoping that this will give me more time with my family as well as being able to work on my projects, blog, online presence and shows and events more.
I always give advice to people saying to just go out and try your dreams who cares if it doesn’t work out. You will at least learn something meet new people and hopefully learn from your first go around. NEVER EVER give up on your dreams and passions, you may just have to fulfill them in other or new ways.
So I am taking my own advice and I refuse to think I failed at this business venture but rather gained knowledge of owning a business and what I like and do not like and what my weaknesses are. I met so many amazing people that will be life long friends and allies in future endeavors. Honestly i am proud that I had the (balls) to go out and give my dream a try. I have not failed but gained valuable insight and knowledge. I’m not done with my dream but rather going to pursue it other ways. I want to be able to touch more women and being stuck in retail hours did not allow to get out and do this.
So my hope to you is that you just get out and try your dreams, give them a chance and don’t think you have to have it all figured out right away. It may not always be the way you thought but you WILL make it happen. So please continue to follow me Jennifer at Simply Creative Boutique to see what my next adventures will be. I promise that I will be more engaged with my readers and post lots of cool projects, advice, and my real life adventures of what will happen next. My posts will be very honest, sometimes funny and sometimes very opinionated because that is how I am in real life.
I hope that each of you will share your creativeness with me and opinions on various topics. I will follow you in return and try my best to be engaged if you have a blog. I have sooooo many talented folks online and love to support them.

Thank you all for sticking with me the last two years of my craziness in life and business.

Love and creativeness always,

Jennifer Kaczmarek



Rainbow Loom Projects

Rainbow looms being all the rage these days with kids I had to post some creative projects ideas that I thought looked pretty cool. First I want to show you that even rubber band Jewelry can be fashionable even for … Continue reading


Rainbow Looms are all the rage right now with girls and boys alike. I mean who doesn’t want a creative bracelet handmade and fashionable? : ) you won’t want to be the uncool parent not having one under the tree this year. So Simply Creative Boutique has stocked the shelves with Loom Kits and rubber band refills to help make you the cool parent!  (This was not an easy thing to do as everything is back ordered everywhere for these items) but I managed it!


Ok so here is the deal… I’m going to giveaway one loom kit (includes loom, rubber bands, hook and directions) all you have to do is leave a comment on this post and like my FB page. It’s that simple. Winner will be chosen at random thru rafflecopter.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

For anyone wanting to purchase a loom kit here is a link to purchase from Simply Creative Boutique online. And because I’m in a giveaway type of mood for the next week while our giveaway is going on you will receive FREE shipping on your loom orders.

Don’t forget to Like my FB Page and leave a comment on this post. Good Luck!



Re- Imagined Night Stand

This nightstand was a project done at one of our ladies nights at the Boutique. My sons girlfriend wanted to paint it so she could sell it in a garage sale…. Needless to say I ended up buying it off her for the Boutique when she was done!

This is what it looked like before.

And here’s the after with the creator! Isn’t she cute?!

A little purple paint and some chalkboard paint and its completely fresh and super cute.

Jewelry Organization

Organizing your Jewelry and hair accessories makes life easier and less cluttered feeling. Not to mention it helps with the problem of only being able to find one earring when you know you have both SOMEWHERE!
Anyway I decided to make some after having them pinned for so long and wanting to make them. These ones I did are available at Simply Creative Boutique and soon on my Etsy.






These were fun and easy and a great way to use photo frames you have laying around. These would Alsace great displays at shows!
Tell me what you think?

How to make a decorative mirror – Better Homes and Gardens – Yahoo!7

I came across this post on my FB wall and am now obsessed with wanting to try it. It looks elegant and I just have to try it. I did the toilet paper roll designs before and no one ever guesses that it’s toilet paper rolls.

How to make a decorative mirror – Better Homes and Gardens – Yahoo!7.

Check it out and let me know if your going to try it out, and then post your pictures when your done!

Re-Imagining the Boutique

Just as seasons and styles change so to must we at the Boutique. So as items go out and more come in Pam and I get down to the business of finding a place for everything which sometimes leads to a bigger project than we thought as you will see in the upcoming photos. We have fun doing this and it’s a good thing we work very well together and can take each others feedback.



So here is a bit of an overall picture of the middle of the store. I had this huge piece of VERY heavy glass for a table top that we used for display. Well I finally got the guys over to get rid of it for us so we could revamp the area.


Here is the after of the middle of the Boutique now that we don’t have that huge table in the way! We have so much more room to bring in more items.





This is right when you walk in. (the before) It was way to eclectic cluttered with no rhyme or reason. So we completely re-imagined the space.


Uncluttered and organized with items that would go into a living room or study. (After)


This is a view from the back but the same wall.


We took out this shelving unit completely and made room for our bedroom area. (Before)


 This is where we will be putting a twin size bed to display the beautiful coverlets and other bedroom furniture and accessories we offer for sale. (After)



Just a mess is all I can say about this area along the right wall. Just no fluidity here at all. (Before)


Now it’s organized for our craft, gifts, and Jewelry area. (After)


This was right in front of the window area and it also had no purpose rhyme or reason. (Before)


Now it clearly has a purpose for all of our kitchen items. I just love it. (After)


(This picture was taken at night and doesn’t show quit as well)

All in all I have to say I am in love with all the different spaces in the store that clearly show people what we have to offer as well as being able to give different design ideas with pieces that they may not have thought of before. I am sure that as time goes on we will Re-Imagine our space again to change with our growing needs as a Boutique, but I think you have to be willing to just change things up and not be afraid to. My tastes change often but if you have a few pieces you love you can work with them to give them a whole new look and feel. Don’t be afraid to move things around and try them in spaces you wouldn’t normally think to put them and give your space a Re-Imagined and Re-freshed look and feel.

Recipes To Impress

So I thought I would share a few recipes for your gatherings this summer that would be a great hit amongst your friends and family.

Let’s start with the all important cocktails….

This one is super yummy and easy to make. Just purée strawberries and add chilled champagne.

Pure Genious here. Lemonade and vodka in this cool Capri sun carrier.

O.k. I am a huge Barefoot Mascoto lover and this just sounds so yummy so I had to share.

Growing up one of my favorite rules was desert first then dinner! I mean seriously who doesn’t love that?! So here are a few foodgasim worthy deserts…

Marshmellows dipped in carmel left to harden then dipped in chocolate with a stick! Oh my yumminess!


Oh yes!

Ok how about some lunch or dinner recipes?!

French bread, mozzarella, pesto, tomatoes, drizzled in olive oil.

garlic chicken yummy!!

Simple and Delicious are the keywords for this recipe!
Glazed Pork

Well hopefully you have a few good recipes now for your next gathering. Enjoy and let me know if you tried any of these and how you liked them?!?

I’m Back!

I have been scarcely around the blog lately as the demands of family and my changing business keep me VERY busy. I miss writing and talking with everyone and sharing great craft and design ideas. So I am back with … Continue reading