The Truth Is Revealed! Faeries Are Real

My belief in Faeries goes back as far back as i can remember. The ancients wisely knew that there is a magical realm just beyond our everyday world. If you open your mind, heart and eyes to the wonders around you, you just may see a Faery!


Faery are also known as Fae, wee folk, and people of peace. Fae are very playful and sometimes mischievous. They are also helpful and the protectors of nature. They love gardens and are most often found frolicking in ponds, meadows, gardens, rivers, and mountains.


(I love the work of Brian Froud and have always followed his work. The Faery above is one of his creations.)

Faery folk are shy and sometimes only appear as tiny lights or mists. They are secretive and come out to play, dance, and sing at sunrise, sunset, and at night. A good way to invite the Fae into your home or garden is to have a home for them.

Here are a few that I have made or come across that I think any magical being would love to reside in!


This is a magical gazebo and the Faery Leeona resides here. You can find this item in my Etsy Shop.

Faery House


This Faery House is life size! At The Whimsical Fairy Garden They have enchanted life size Fairy and Hobbit displays to wander thru! How amazing and fun does that sound?



Fairy House


This Faery House is amazing! The price tag on this beauty is $65,000 (holy smokes)

Fairy Ranchette June 2007 292

The Woodland Fairy has pictures of Faery Houses

I could post and post forever all the cool Faery houses I have come across, but I will save some for another post.


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