Forging Through

The last few weeks have been hard and trying for me, with the loss of my father. The reality of it i don’t think has quit set in yet, and honestly i’m not sure if I want it to.
Finding motivation to even get thru my day has proven to be a task in and of itself. But I do know that I am strong and will find strength and courage to move forward.

While at my fathers funeral my aunt got up to speak about my dad and said “He was a collector of cool crap” this was very true of my father. He has the coolest stuff with so much history to it. In that moment I realized I am my fathers daughter because I to have started collecting “cool crap” lol I loved my father and loved his cool crap, and will carry on collecting and thinking about him with each treasure i find.

My boutique is keeping my mind busy with all the tasks that must be done, and i feel it’s a good thing to get through my days of grief. I’m not sure how, when or if ever you get past loosing a parent especially a parent that was still young, but I do know that I will forge through with strength and determination that my father instilled in me.
I will “create” my way through it all.


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