The magic of Faery

No matter how old you are Faery is something that mesmerizes and intrigues most from the very young to the old. It’s a chance to believe in magic and fantasy.

These magical Faery necklaces of “magic Faery dust” & “Faery tears” where fun to make and at a recent craft show was so fun selling when talking with the girls of what they were. When they asked me ” are they real?” I of course responded with certainty “they absolutely are!”

They would gasp and their eyes would get as big ad saucers and of course HAD to have one.

Faery doors are another fascination of mine. Everyone is different and handmade with help from the Faery themselves!


These doors can go anywhere in your home or outside. You can leave them gifts which they love!

Do you believe in Faeries?


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