I’m On A Roll!!

In my last post “One Glass of Wine A Night”  the last picture had some beautiful candle holders and candy dishes pictured along side my Huge wine Glass ; ) I wanted to share a few photos of each of these and share how easy it was to create them. They are so useful as candle holders, candy dishes, or display pieces for any occasion with a few embellishments added.

DIY Candle Jars

DIY Candle Jars

These were super easy to make with candle sticks from the dollar store and some various glass vases, bowls and canning jars I had at the Boutique. A little glass glue to hold the pieces together, some pretty decorative stones, tea lights, and candy canes and I had some beautiful decorative pieces.

clear candle vase

frosted candle vase

This particular one as well as one of the tall ones I spray frosted before glueing together and I think they are soooo beautiful. I love how they all turned out!


Candy Dish

Candy Dish


I didn’t have time to rephotograph this Candy Dish but I had to include it in this post because I think it is so adorable. You could use these to store so many things…q-tips, cotton balls, crayons, marbles, buttons, wine corks, safety pins, sugar, tea, coffee, and sooo much more.

What do you think?



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