One Glass of Wine a Night

They say that one glass of wine a night is good for you… : ) So I bought myself a wine glass!

My Wine Glass

My Wine Glass

(I put a regular size wine glass next to mine for comparison : )

O.k., O.k. it’s not really the glass I use for my wine… but for those that know me and know how much I love my Barefoot Moscotto wine would find this pretty funny! I have been wanting one of these large wine vase glasses for awhile now, and on a shopping trip with my son he convinced me to get it. (of course he thought I was really going to use it! ) Nope I had other plans…

As soon as I got into the Boutique I went straight to work on my vision. Out came the rubber bands, spray frost, ribbon and ornaments. This Wine Glass was going to be decorated Christmas style!

Christmas Vase

I figure each season or Holiday I can just change out the embellishments for a whole new look!

Holiday Wine Glass

Holiday Wine Glass


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