Craft Ideas

Craft Ideas.

From my Pinterest Boards to yours!…

Easy and Elegant

I love this Easy and Elegant idea for decorating.

Snow Globe

How cool is this? Simply Creative Boutique is having a class in December for making these!


So i have to say I actually tried this and i’ll just say Craft Fail! Maybe if you use puffy paint but the glue dries to flat.


I thought these were just to darn cute and funny!

Look for Simply Creative Boutiques December newsletter coming this week! There will be recipes, tips, ideas, creative decorating, and giveaway!

Create Your Day!


2 thoughts on “Craft Ideas

  1. Tu es tre8s ge9ne9reuse d’offrir tes magnifiques cre9ations… Elles sont tre8s joiels.J’aime beaucoup tes dessins d’oiseaux, presque semblable e0 des hippocampes. Une sorte de me9lange ! enfin, c’est comme e7a que je les vois…Ton minou est doux et plein de poe9sie…Je suis heureuse hier j’ai commence9 un nouveau croquis sur toile… Je me sens bien… et je t’envoie tout plein de bisous ma che8re amie.

  2. Hi Jennifer, I’m going to have my husband stop at your store and pick up my things. I started a job after I dropped my things off in the spring and I never made it back to that area to stop in. He’ll stop in on Friday. Let me know what hours you’ll be at the store so he can arrange pick up. Please keep me on your email list I enjoy seeing what you’re working on. Thank you, Tammy Doner

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