Crazy Stuff and a Giveaway !

So Simply Creative Boutique has been bustling with all kind of crazy stuff, and there are no words to explain the silliness so ill just let the pictures speak for themselves!

This is what happens when Alyssa is at the Boutique and gets ahold of my IPad…lol

And this is what happens when Momma Waatti ( my mom) gets ahold of the camera!

It’s every woman for themselves….

I tried to listen and strike a pose…lol


O.k. That’s some of the craziness that happens around here… Now I promised my FB fans a giveaway and that’s what I’m gonna do now…. Yeah!


This is one of our Christmas display’s at the Boutique and I loved making it. So I’m going to give away one of these lovely wine cork wreaths. (you may choose your bead color ! ) Green, Blue, Red, Purple, or Silver. The bow will match the bead color.

O.k. here’s what you have to do…Click the link below and follow the directions! Easy Peasy.
a Rafflecopter giveaway

Good Luck


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