Halloween Birthday Party

It has been very busy at SCB and my house. I have been busy getting the “Holiday Shopping” event together, and my daughters Halloween themed birthday party. The party was a great success! Here are some pics from the party along with some of the D.I.Y decorations!

She had fun opening all her presents

Goofy and sassy

This is our newest cousin that is being adopted. She was completely lost in this witch hat!

This is my niece Emilia….to stinking cute!

This is our Spider-Man….my nephew Anthony

So this was the “Goody” table that I decorated.


It was fun…I wish I had more time to do even more.

I took wine bottles that I had cut and glued some ribbon I had found at a dollar store around them. I used the frameless candles inside.

I decided to use them along a tall counter where I put all the utensils.

For these bottles I used hot glue to write and then spray painted the wine bottle. Once dry I removed the hot glue and used a frameless candle inside. I glued these plates to the top to hold the apples. It doesn’t look as good during the day, but at night the words come thru good.

Alyssa and I made these lollipop bouquets that I had seen on Pinterest and they came sooooo good!


I used some plastic cauldrons for the individual bags of chips, and spruced it up with a raven on top.

This is my wine bottle chandelier I made about a year ago, and just added some Halloween ribbon for the occasion.

I wish I had done something more creative with my mantle for the party, but this is what I had time for.

I had to decorate by the t.v. So I just added a few decoration and voila.

So that was Alyssa’s Halloween themed Birthday Party. I hope you got a few ideas for your halloween decorating! Now I’m onto Christmas preparations !


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