Time Flies when your Crafting

It’s busy season for sure around here and I for one do not have enough of me to go around! How about you? Well I thought I would share a little bit of what I have been up to and a few things I will be up to 🙂

My oldest son had homecoming, and I volunteered my hairstylist services to do his girlfriends hair for this special occasion. They are such an adorable couple if I do say so myself!

This was a great photo…. Lol oooppps…

They had a great time.

In other craziness I’m planning my daughters 10th birthday party and she wants another Halloween theme this year… We have been doing this theme for a few years now lol. Everyone has to dress up including adults, which makes this sooo fun. I usually end up with some scary accent and playing a character of some sort. It’s fun! Be on the look out for my D.I.Y. decorations for this event.

I have been crocheting like a mad women lately and finely learned to read a pattern! woohoo for me. : ) I actually took the time to learn each stitch and the abbreviation. I usually just make up my own and of course can’t remember it when i want to repeat it. Well I thought I would share a few links to some of the inspiration and tutorials I used on my  adventure.

This is video tutorial from Donna Wolfe owner of Naztazia. She has many video how to’s on her site that you should def. check out.

I liked this “how to” crochet leg warmers by Ruth Ashton an eHow contributor. Although its not a video it was good. As opposed to decreasing you can switch needle sizes.

Crochet Cable Knit Stitch video This is one I am going to be trying as soon as I finish with my current crochet project.

Here are a few of my inspirations I have pinned on my boards. They are just the pictures no “how to” or patterns.








Who wouldn’t love to cozy up in that blanket? Or how about those leg warmers? Not to mention those warm fingerless gloves! That sweater is gorgeous and looks warm and cozy!

There will be more posts for knitting and crocheting coming since right now I am obsessed. ; ) It’s getting cold here in Michigan and I need cozy warm!



2 thoughts on “Time Flies when your Crafting

  1. Don’t I know it! I’ve gone awhile since posting with an original thought on my blog, I’ve just been pouring myself into my crafting and getting ready for this craft show in less than 2 weeks! I have a lot more on my plate, but its all secrets for now! 😉 LOVE all the inspiration you posted, can’t wait to see more pics!

    • I guess we need to learn not to feel guilty when we don’t post “all the time” since blogging should be fun and not a chore. Life gets busy sometimes : ) good luck with the craft show! I can’t wait to find out these secrets your keeping. Lol

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