A Gift From Beyond

This post took me a little bit to write. One because I am a procrastinator and two it has personal meaning behind it and lots of emotion.

About two months ago my uncle came into the Boutique and brought me some treasures and trinkets! He said “If anyone could figure out what to do with this stuff its you!” Yeah I love random stuff to make new projects from!

So while he was in he shared a story a little story with me about how he and my aunt were at an antique resale shop a few years ago and spotted this old child’s school desk with the words “You are my Sunshine” on it. He wanted to buy this for her as her mother used to always sing this to her, and had recently passed away after battling illness for along time. It was priced way to high he said and figured that he could make something similar for her birthday. (creativity runs in the family!) Well it had been about two years he had this idea brewing and had yet to complete the project. (This is where I come in) He explained that he would like to have something that she could hang and that it looked old and a bit worn. My creative juices turned on and i said “I got this, don’t you worry”  He said he would be more than happy to help if I wanted, but I already had in my head what i was going to do and would make sure I had approval before he gave to her!

Here is where the story turns for the worse with a twist of fate and happiness at the end. I only had a week to complete this project and started to prep my work. Now I mentioned before that I was a procrastinator and things got real busy for me so of course I didn’t finish it in time for her Birthday. I know, I know, shame on me. But God works in mysterious ways i tell ya, because my procrastination turned out to be a blessing in disguise.

About a week ago two of my uncles were working very high on some scaffolding and it collapsed. One survived and as you may have guessed one did not. Yes it was the uncle that had come in that did not survive. It was emotional to say the least. I immediately of course finished the project and when I seen her at the viewing was able to give her this last gift from her husband. We all cried and she was happy to receive a gift from him even after he was gone. “This is just like your uncle to do something like this” she said.  I was happy to have been able to bring a little smile to her face while so many tears and so much sadness was going around.

Sometimes my procrastination is good thing, it was able to bring “A Gift from Beyond”

Uncle You will be missed!


Here is a photo of the finished project in a flower arrangement at his funeral It was perfect!


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