Pinterest project 3

I skipped the Pinterest post yesterday to spend the holiday with my family, and relax before the craziness of school started. I hope everyone enjoyed themselves and their families!

Can I just say I am soooooo excited about my new creative toy that I have been wanting for so very long now… And that is my embroidery/sewing machine! It’s just a starter one but a great first machine to learn on. To say the least I have been going to town playing with all the functions and trying all the features, of which I am still learning. So of course I pinned some embroidery things on my boards, and ended up making variations of my pins.
Here’s my final project and it will be available on the new website and my etsy shop.

I used my new machine as well as hand stitching.

I think this is a fun and creative bag that you can use to transport small projects such as knitting. I love it and variations of these will follow and be added to my Etsy and website for purchase.
I will also post Tommorow some of the great sites I came across for free embroidery designs.

Do you have a creative bag you use for your projects on the the go?


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