D.I.Y Witch Hat

I figure if you can make your own dressform from tape and paper then way not other things? So I decided to test my theory and started with a witch hat!

Here’s my how to and my results.

Here’s what you need…
A witch hat form ( I bought mine from the craft store )
Masking tape
A plastic bag
Any scrap paper

Here’s what you do : )

1. Take your witch hat form and put the plastic bag over it.
2. Next take your masking tape and cover the entire outside of your hat. It should look like this…

The plastic is going to allow you to reuse this form again and again and you also will not have to cut your hat to remove it! Genius right?

3. Now use your scrap paper and decoupage to cover your hat form.



Don’t worry about sloppy edges you will cover those later.

4. Let dry completely… I let mine dry over night.


5. Remover your hat from the original form and then DECORATE !!! Here’s mine…

What do you think?


You can also use this form to do Christmas Trees which I will be doing next!


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