A Proud Moment

Watching children create is inspiring and rewarding. With their vast imaginations and eagerness to learn we could certainly gain some inspiration and new ideas by just watching them create.

My daughter Alyssa who is the youngest of my four children, and the only girl : ) often comes to work with me at the Boutique. Now let me start off by saying that more often than not this child is blasting music and singing at the top of her lungs and dancing as if she were center stage at her own concert performing for millions!! My husband always says that “God just put so much sunshine in her that it just can’t help but burst out of her!” You cannot help but smile and laugh when catching her mid act!

For the last few days Alyssa has been asking me to teach her to sew on the sewing machine. So since I had decided that I was taking the day to just create, I sat down with her at the sewing machine and I began to explain how to thread the machine. She quickly says “Mom can’t you just do this part and I can just do the fabric and peddle part ?” (wouldn’t that be nice? )
So after showing her how to thread the machine, a singing break, how to pin her project together, a dancing break, how to get her project onto the machine, a full blown concert break, she finally finished her very first sewing machine project!


I was very proud of her and loved seeing the excitement and pride she had in herself when she turned her project right side out and realized what she had accomplished! It was a very PROUD moment for us both! Concert time again! : )

Watching a child gain confidence in themselves when they accomplish something new is a truly magical moment, even more so when that child is your own! It is in these moments that seeds are planted for future confidence, self esteem, independence, self assurance, and so much more. It is in these moments that we have the opportunity to water these seeds of the future!


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