Welcome to all the new subscribers! I am so excited to have you all here as part of our creative family.

Please take a moment to introduce yourself and tell us a little about you.

Here is a few quick notes about some happenings at the Boutique….

1. I Am currently working on the newsletter and hope to have it out by the end of the day.

2. Simply Creative Boutique will be closed this Wednesday (4th of July) thru the following Monday. My family will be heading up north for a much needed vacation.

3. Simply Creative Boutique is looking for creative designers who would like to consign their handmade creations (please look under our consignment information for details)

4. Don’t forget to check out our calendar of classes and events and sign up for classes you are interested in. These classes fill up fast so you won’t want to miss your opportunity to get in on the class you want. We are always adding new classes so if you don’t see one your interested let us know what you are looking for and we will do our best to add it.

5. Looking to teach a class and make some extra cash? Give us a call or email us at simplycreativeboutique@gmail.com

Thanks for being a part of our creative community !



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