Woohoo it’s giveaway time! I want to learn more about you!
This giveaway is simple… Introduce yourself and tell me 3 things about you or what you like to do.

It’s that simple… I will randomly draw the winner this Friday the winner will receive this handmade bracelet made by yours truly!



9 thoughts on “Giveaway!!

  1. My name is Crystal. I like blogging, reading blogs, home DIY and painting furniture, fix it up, flip it, keep it~ whatever! Picking for junk is so fun, like your post today 🙂

  2. My name is Shannon and i enjoy floral designing, i have 5 yrs experience managing a local florist before i went on to work at the gm tech center! I have never been very artistic till i found floral design and was able to pick it up and put my twist to it also! Im interested to try new creative things to see if i could be creative in another field of crafting , ect

  3. Oh, that is beautiful! Let’s see . . . my husband and I have seven sons . . . I write books for an educational publisher for a living . . . and I want to make EVERY craft and sewing project I see! 🙂 And how sweet of you to give away your lovely piece to a lucky reader. 🙂

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