Small Boutiques Meet Big Retailer | Sourcing Handmade

Small Boutiques Meet Big Retailer | Sourcing Handmade.

I am not exactly sure how I feel about this all together. In some ways it’s wonderful exposure, and I am sure will help sales. Although in order to be picked by Target you have to be a pretty well known Boutique to begin with, so do they really need the exposure?

Then their is the thought…where does that leave our handmade market of “mom & pop” shops so to speak? A big chain retailer getting in on the action of what Boutique’s have worked so hard to start up to begin with. Most people who starts Boutique’s start them because of the closeness with it’s vendors and customers. What will happen to that? I like knowing my customers and vendors personally. It’s what makes us different. It what makes the shopping experience different. It’s what makes the handmade community different.

So all in all I guess I don’t like it very much. I feel it takes away from the experience of Boutique and handmade shopping.

Leave a comment after reading the article and my post and let me know what you think…. I would love to hear your thoughts!!


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