I Appreciate You!

I just wanted to share some important information and ask that everyone who is a part of Simply Creative Boutique either online or at our store front to bear with me as some changes are taking place.

As most of you know my mom and I started Simply Creative Boutique together. Do to some personal things that are going on in her life she can longer continue to be a part of the Boutique.

As a mother of a 10, 12, 14,& 16 yr. old and wife to an amzingly supportive husband who owns and runs a Martial Arts studio you can probably imagine I have a pretty crazy life! One that is never boring that is for sure.

I ask that you please be patient as I am solely running the Boutique on my own now. I am still learning this darn wordpress lol, as well as scheduling and running classes, Inventorying, Marketing, Consigning, doing Craft shows, bookeeping, Trying to get our Etsy Shop running, among many other things. (not that you wanted to hear all that lol)

I will do my very best to keep everything running as smoothly as possible. If I happen to miss a day of posting, or am a little late getting our newsletter out, or writing up articles for our amazing artisits, I apologize now and promise it will get done. Just might be a day late, which seems to be my motto lately!!

Thank you all for your understanding and patience I really do appreciate each and everyone of you who are a part of Simply Creative Boutique.



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