Funky Summer Fun!

So I finally finished up a few lingering projects that have been sitting around waiting for my attention. With running the Boutique now solely on my own, finding time for all that needs to be done is a challenge. A challenge that is a little more fun with projects like these : )

Here is the finished Funky Chair project that EVERY girl who comes into the Boutique (including my own) has said “ooooo Mommy I want that!” Makes all the time I put into it worth it.

I also finished two more Tiki Torches or Decorative bottles which ever you prefer. I then had to try out making my own Garden Critter after my cousin Deb had made a lady bug one from a bowling ball! I used a rock instead and added a little Bling (I can’t pass up bling)

So there you have it! A few more Creative projects that will be for sale and also available to come in and make.

Would love to hear your feedback on these projects so please leave a comment a below.


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