Free Graphics

   I have to share this awesome site that I found a few months ago.

I am always on the look out for great images to use in projects and me being  not so computer savvy, can never seem to find an actual FREE site with images I like. Then I came across “The Graphics Fairy” site by means of another site. Long story short : ) on top of great images I have found some great projects that others have done with these graphics.

Here is a project I did using an image from the Graphics Fairy, wax paper and my printer.

It was much easier than I thought doing this. I ran a sheet of wax paper thru the printer printing my design directly onto the wax paper. ( I recommend running a regular piece of paper with it for support)  With the ink still wet I placed it ink side down and ran a credit card over it to transfer the image. Voila!

I used the same transfer method on this dresser that I made over. (and is now for sale in my store ) : )  The drawers I painted  with chalkboard paint, and then used corks for the handles.

Head over and check out The Graphics Fairy for some awesome free printable to use on any of your DIY projects.


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