Picture me Excited


So after getting the new IPad I wanted to try out the camera! I have to say that it is amazing!
I took some photos around the Boutique and played with angels and lighting. I am still learning photography in general, ( self teaching) and also played around a little with a photo program just to add a little extra.


One thing I have learned is not to shoot straight at your subject. Play around with putting your subject off to the side. Get some of the background in the image. Sit down and shoot from angle, it’s more interesting.


Use props. I love shooting my products outside, and using nature as my prop. Sometimes even an ” ugly” spot in nature can make your product look beautiful. Shoot your products in different locations at different angels. You will be amazed how interesting things come out.


In the end play around and have fun. Learn a few tricks and place your products in interesting places. Try not to shoot straight at your subject and click away.
If you have taken any great photos of your work, we would love to see it. Feel free to share any photos or tips you have!


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