ALA CARTE Crafting

ALA Carte Crafting

Posted on June 5, 2012 at 2:06 pm

So your looking for that perfect gift, or a new decor element to add to your house? Maybe your bored and need some inspiration. Join Simply Creative Boutique as we open our creative doors for Crafting Ala Carte style.

What is crafting ALA Carte style you ask? Good question…

At Simply Creative Boutique you can come in ANY time we are open and choose from a wide selection of crafting materials and create till you can’t create no more!

We offer beading, wine bottle creating, wood shape decorating, hair accessories, sewing, and so, so, much more!

We are open to all ages anytime and welcome groups PRE registered.

Put your creative hats on and come find or give some inspiration to fellow crafters. There’s no better way to craft then with like minded individuals.

Prices vary on materials, you pick and choose!


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