Creative Designers Business Workshop Series

Do to demand Simply Creative Boutique is holding a series  of  “Creative Designers Business Workshops”.

There is a limit to 6 people per class. Creative Designers that have a “Simply Creative ” membership can receive 2 FREE classes in this workshop series. They will receive a membership discount to the remainder of workshops.

The two FREE classes will be counted toward your 5 FREE for the year. 

What is a Creative Designers Business Workshop?

This is a series of workshops designed for Creative Designers and their business. Whether you are looking to move your Creative Designs from a hobby to a business or a business looking to move to the next level this series of workshops will help you achieve your goals.

What workshops are available in the “Creative Designers Business Workshops”? 

Workshop 1    (Limit of 6 people) $30 nonmember /”CM” & “SCM” $25 (“CM” & “SCM” can opt as a FREE class)

Moving your Creative Designs business from the Kitchen Table

What happens when your business outgrows your kitchen table?

Pricing & Product Evaluation

Pricing your own work is one of the trickiest parts of running any creative business, because you are placing a concrete value on very subjective qualities, like talent, taste, and experience. We’ll help you navigate those tricky waters. Learn to evaluate and polish your finished design and move to the next price level. 

Workshop 2   (limit to 6 people) $30 nonmember / “CM” & “SCM” $25 (“CM” & “SCM” can opt as a FREE class)

Branding your Creative Business & You

Just because you are a small business doesn’t mean you can’t pack a punch. Your logo, packaging, web-presence, and physical display all tell a story… the tale of you and your product. Learn how clarity, consistency, and character can set you apart from the crowd. Bring an example of your work or your branding (like a business card) to share with the group.

Dress for Success

A professional image doesn’t have to mean dressing like a lawyer! Learn how to craft your best wardrobe that expresses your unique personality and communicates your creative cred. 

Workshop 3  (limit 6 people) $30 nonmember /”CM” & “SCM” $25 (“CM” & “SCM” can opt as a FREE class)
Social Media & Creative Designers

Twitter, facebook, linkedin, google, instagram, pinterest…. think you don’t have the time, resources, or knowledge for your business to have a presence in social media? THINK AGAIN! We’ll discuss which social media outlets fit your business, how to schedule content, what kind of content works, and ways to be up-to-date on social media techniques without having to become an expert yourself.

Workshop 4  (limit 6 people) $30 nonmember /”CM” & “SCM” $25 (“CM” & “SCM” can opt as a FREE class)

Where can I sell my Creative Designs?

We will go over the different places you can sell your Creative Designs, which venue is best for you and your business.

Marketing on a Budget

Marketing is what allows you to get and keep loyal customers, but no one wants to spend hours a day on blogs, social media and cold calls. In this workshop series you’ll learn how to market effectively using the least amount of time and money to achieve the best results. We’ll cover simple techniques you can use to get more press or improve your google ranking, as well as ways to tighten your brand and help you stand out from the crowd. Bring an example of your work or your branding (like a business card) to share with the group.

Workshop 5   (limit 6 people) $30 nonmember /”CM” & “SCM” $25 (“CM” & “SCM” can opt as a FREE class)
Profit & Loss

What does it mean to actually make a profit from your business? Learn how to evaluate whether your business or an event your business does is worth the money you are spending. 

Taking your business to the next level

Are you considering expanding your business, adding more clients, partnering or any other big change? This workshop is designed to cover the basics to prepare you for the big changes with success and confidence. 

Workshop 6   (limit 6 people) $25 nonmember/ “CM” & “SCM” $20 (“CM” & “SCM” can opt as a FREE class)

Those who can do…Teach

 As the craft revolution evolves, more and more sewing and Creative Design studios are popping up and they need instructors. Learn how to take your passion and teach other people your valuable skills. We’ll discuss how to develop a class and what you need to bring and what makes a successful class. If you are a Creative Designer who sells your product, teaching can be a supplemental income source during the slower shopping months. 
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