Creative Designer vs Crafter

To me the words “Arts and Crafts”, “Craft”, “Crafting”, “Crafter” sound like something my Great Great Grandma would do, or something my kids do at school.
I feel that the “Crafting” world has evolved into so much more than that. The talent that i see from “Crafters” these days astonishes me. The detail and passion and talent is so much more than something you would find in Great Grandma’s house or hanging on the fridge held together with elmer’s glue. (not that i don’t treasure those elmer glued projects from my children)
I feel that as “Crafting” has evolved so to should our “professional name”. So i decided that from now on when people ask me what i do, i will say i am a “Creative Designer”
I will also refere to all my fellow “crafters” as “Creative Designers”
What do you all think? I am curious about your feelings on this subject?


One thought on “Creative Designer vs Crafter

  1. I agree, we should have a better name! I like creative designer, it makes my “part time” income into a professional part time job! I think crafters get a bad name that feels like I make kids crafts instead of the art that I truly make!

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